Intelligent Translation App

With powerful NMT translation technology, it features with precise machine translation and voice recognition, offering you best experience of language communication.

Three functions
Simultaneous Interpretation
Speech-To-Speech Translation
Text Translation
Industry Application

Smart conversion between text and speech

Simple operation

Converts into speech and text simultaneously

Easy to check translation records

Intelligent simultaneous interpretation

Perform at any time and any where

Recognize your speeches, convert into text and output in multiple languages

Transnational Tourism

Help you communicate with foreign friends, order meals, check in hotel and arrange schedules when you are abroad.

Business Conference

Assist you to effectively communicate on key points, like marketing discussion and technical communication, during international conferences.

Social Sharing

As social networking emerges, our app gets rid of language barriers for you, assisting you in learning about world news.

Cross-border Shopping

Removing language obstacles, this apps enables you to freely chat and trade during shopping.

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