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Online collaborative translation platform

We possess the world leading NLP technology, customized MT systems with incremental learning, and constantly increasing and optimized TMs. Our advanced encryption technology ensures data security.


Reuse historical materials, circulate updates, Automation and reduced operations speeding up translation process, team collaboration, and simultaneous translation and review.


User information management, user rights management, user function management. Term consistency, task split and integration with one-click, editing trace tracking in real time, and translation quality evaluating and labeling.


Easy operation, flow management.


Cloud platform, real-time synchronization, and multiple file format support.


Reduce about 50% task-processing time


Improve 30% translation quality at least


Lower about 30% translation cost

How NewTranx CAT works

Reduce repetitive operation and simplify translation tasks

Auto identify more than 20 common errors and mark potential term problems

Remove repeated contents by one click and mark repeated contents to reduce workload

Synchronous translation and review reducing human errors and relieving reviewer’s pressure

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Intellectual technology improves professional degree of translation in vertical domains

NMT engine with high performance and real-time incremental learning

Customized MT systems in professional fields

Mass translation memories, retrieved across TMs in millisecond

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Efficient coordination to deal with high-load tasks

Real-time shared TMs and term banks to keep translation consistent

Online communication and collaboration of all members to know the project progress in real time

Flexible system administration permissions define access levels by user and role

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Flexible customization and cloud service

NewTranx CAT provides server or cloud client available to uses, users enjoying a 24-hour enterprise security assurance.

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Multi-format support

NewTranx CAT supports more than 70 file formats and can converts diversified file formats into editable ones for translation.

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