Industry Solution on Language Services

Work seamlessly and effectively to tackle problems in translation and localization.

Provide intelligent translation technology support and customized MT services to translation companies, localization companies, project teams and interpreters

Control language service quality

Our best language experts in each domains guarantee quality of machine translation that employs NewTranX’s powerful MT engine.

Support for various language services

Provide technical support and customization services for different types of tasks like text translation and interpretation.

Standard and transparent service mode

Professional cooperation and automated delivery mechanisms standardize transparent production and service processes to gain lower cost, high efficiency and best reputation.

Efficient cooperation process

To handle large translation projects, use NewTranX’s customized MT and CAT to process in stages, share TMs and term banks, collect project statistics and make prediction and evaluation, ensuring on-time delivery of projects with high quality.

Automation and customization

Integration of powerful machine translation engine, cloud translation management system and excellent translator team tailors language service solutions to your enterprise characters.

Automatic machine translation
Cloud-based flexible management and delivery
Customizable cooperation processes
Real-time progress update

Data reuse

NewTranx has a set of procedures for language asset management and maintenance: The higher the reuse of language assets, the more economical the enterprise projects become.

[Illustration]: Discarding the repetitive, categorization, aligning, collecting statistics, automatic generation of project reports, term extraction, machine translation training in specific fields, flexible storage and retrieval, and request

Ensure security and stability of services
Employ advanced encryption technology for enterprises to ensure data security.
Flexible permissions available in CAT system to protect document security and confidentiality.
Independent training mode for standalone deployment prevents data leakage as well as remote network intrusion.

Planning and training new language talents

NewTranx’s smart language tools and collaborative training builds language talent teams of new type for enterprises: 

Comprehensive processing of projects across industries
Quality control of machine translation,Senior proofreading and post-translation editing
Flexible control of various translation tools
Standard cross-platform collaborative work
Cross-language extraction, search and data analysis
Services recommended
Customized machine translation

Relying on massive data and advanced deep learning technology, a set of customized translation system is developed quickly.

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Available in both customized server and cloud versions; Deliver projects much faster and with better translation quality.

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Language asset exchange

Powerful language data management capabilities, help you build your own language asset library, efficiently multiplex.

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