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Neural network MT developed by NewTranx

Industry-specific training of big data in ten million level

Domain adaptive technique improves translation quality in subdivision

Easily complete multilingual translation and format conversion of massive documents online

Batch upload original files

Support various formats

perform real-time machine translation while automatically formatting

Translating and formatting at the same time

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Target documents have same formats as the  original

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Support documents in multiple formats

docx, txt(UTF-8), xlsx,  csv, pptx,  xml, html, xlf, srt, pdf

Support 20 main languages

Dutch, French, Arabic, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Uighur, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Vietnamese,  Danish, Polish, Bulgarian

8 domains for EN-CN translation

News media, IT communication, Patent and property, Biomedicine, Laws and contract, Tourism Spoken English, Finance, International engineering

Download translation documents in multiple formats

Source text, Target text, xliff, tmx, txt, Bilingual text

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