Solutions for conference industry

NewTranx simultaneous interpretation conference system provides multilingual communication service with high quality, easy management, and high-level security

Our advantages

One-time layout, permanent use

Ways to NewTranx simultaneous interpretation system solutions, targeted and perfect implementation will guarantee a long term, stable and repeated use for users.

Quality GuaranteedTranslation

The quality of intelligent translations by NewTranx can be equivalent to 80% of professional translators in the same level.

Subtitle voice simultaneous interpretation

Provide real-time subtitle display on exclusive screen

Convenient Management

All the authority, records and operation etc. could be managed by simultaneous interpretation system

High stability

Unified and high-quality deployed equipment has extremely high stability, enormously reducing the risk of system failure.


Free from strong reliance on human simultaneous interpretation, ensure the safety of simultaneous interpretation.

Lower costs

One-time layout, future maintenance only needed, use without limitation, without sustainable costs.

No preparation

Apply machine translation, no needs to hire interpreter and rent equipment repeatedly. Start NewTranx simultaneous interpretation system to enjoy simultaneous interpretation service

Applicable sectors
Multinational multilingual conference
Confidential multilingual conference
Enterprise multilingual interactive experience conference
Achieve audience-wide accurate communication without delay

Multilingual simultaneous interpretation

Multilingual intelligent machine translation, serve multi-language communication and spot information delivery with machine voice + characters

Real-time subtitles

Real-time voice identification, transfer preaching contents to dynamic subtitles, display on the audience terminal

Authority and storage

Full record and storage on conference information, flexible authority management realizes multi-end access and convenient extraction

Real-time subtitles

In conference, support voice recognition for various languages, synchronically translate text subtitles in high quality.

Simultaneous interpretation

By voice recognition, intelligent translation and voice synthesis, form multilingual audio output.

Speech document multilingual conversion

Realize multi-language translation to spot PPT and present on each terminal at spot as original formats.

Multilingual interaction

In conference communication, realize multilingual interaction both in "Audio" and "text".

Core technical support

Speech recognition / speech synthesis

Advanced intelligent voice recognition technology: vertical speech recognition, speech synthesis; support accurate recognition and voice output of Chinese, English, Cantonese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and other major languages.

Machine translation

With high stability, NEWTRANX autonomic network translation engine could real-timely transfers in 19 languages, satisfying multi-language real-time transformation.

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