Solutions for journalism

Use natural language processing technology to help news organizations express their ideas, improve their international influence

Content creating

Intelligent collecting and editing system, discover large amount of multi-language news sources for contents creating

Channel distribution

Strong text processing technology, help to expand media channels at home and abroad

News client

Mixed by “visual and audio” technology, focus on user's news reading experience

Built-in multi-language functions

News client end (PC / mobile)

Insert multi-language functions on client page, after the user selects language translation direction, it will be transferred to native language reading pattern.

External multi-language function

Browser multilingual program extension (PC / mobile)

Built-in multilingual program extension in major browsers, real-time intelligent translation of browsed multi-language information

Intelligent translation engine will help content production

Rapid and accurate translation in super load by intelligent machine translation

24H cross-language real-time translation for global news

Customize rich news sources for contents suppliers, collect information and contents to realize extension

Audio-visual experience upgrade

Realize all media broadcast of “audio + visual” by voice and image technology, realize user multi-dimension news experience, meanwhile develop potential marketing entry mode

Boost your standing

Categorize domestic news with our intelligent MT technology, and distribute customized contents to different people in different regions, increasing your influence in the industry.

Attract more users

We help you generate all-round, real-time news in multiple languages. More users are better experienced and glued to this.

Intelligent machine translation system

Neural network translation technology developed by NEWTRANX itself supports accurate translation in 37 languages.

Text process system

Through automatic acquisition, translation, compilation, monitoring and auditing, vertical classification, obtain huge amount of information, customize intelligent machine collaborative manual process.

Voice + image technology

Identified by voice technology and image, cooperate with machine translation engine to realize multi-presentation of “audio + visual”

Cloud collaboration platform

Media collects, edits and stores spots in cloud, as well as multilingually synchronizes and distributes in high efficiency.

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