Language Solution for Tourism

Provide customized multi-language solutions for tourism-related scenarios

A perfect integrated multi-language solution

Machine translation + human translation for text, voice and video files

Provide language services in shopping, catering, accommodation, travel (location), marketing, social activities, etc.

Application in tourism-related businesses
Tourist administration
Travel agency
Online travel platform
Major chain hotels
Other marketing institutions

Offer voice translation, video translation , and camera translation; enrich travel experience with intelligent technology

Real time machine translation for 19 languages, able to process a large number of multilingual files efficiently and precisely

Serve tourism-related businesses with powerful translation tools and customized translation

A multi-language information services: Offer a third-party data access;flexibly connect to various tourism applied platforms

Provide multilingual intelligent Q&A system, customize online multilingual intelligent client service for travel agency, aviation, hotel, travel platform, etc.

Combining with intelligent machine translation technology, NEWTRANX human translation team offers language services like multi-language consulting, translation, remote consecutive interpretation, etc.

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