WT2 Real-time Translating Earphone

Relying self-owned NMT engine and with precise recognition and translation, you experiences wonderful simultaneous interpretation interaction in multiple scenarios.


WT2 Real-time Translating Earphone


WT2 wireless Interpreting earphone to meet the needs of two-way communication. Instant recognition and dialogue

automatic connection

Automatic wakeup, automatic matching, automatic connection. Be free from tedious operation

free your hands

Communicate in foreign languages. With free postures

one app

No need for the other people to download the APP. One mobile phone can control two translation headsets

Use When Meet Someone

It can be used after Sharing an earphone to the other people

shared charging box

Provide translation headset (each) 3 times’ battery performance. To meet one day’s need for communication

more than 5 languages

Adopt NMT technology of NewTranX, which support Chinese/English/French Japanese/German and multilingual languages’ intertranslation

instant translation

Only need 1-3 seconds. The other people can hear the translated speech

Multiple modes available

Our headset provides multi-mode communication, adapting to your chatting habits in many scenarios.

ask mode

Requires only one earphone and useful for simple conversations.

auto mode

Face to face communication absolutely hands-free.

manual mode

Make communication possible even in complex environments.

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